I spoke to a business group this morning and I talked about Poverty, Homelessness and the Mission and I finished up talking about choices. We end up where we do because of the choices we make. I never looking into my future and said I can’t wait to become an alcoholic and an addict and loose everything when I get older. I got there through a series of choices I made. Each choice was made independently but the culmination of those choices ended up bringing me to hopelessness. It wasn’t any one choice but many choices made over a period of time. Today I am confronted with choices, as we all are, and now I think more about where those choices may lead. I still make wrong choices but today  I can choose to change that choice and make a better one. For some idiotic reason, I always felt compelled to hang in their with my choices right or wrong, but today I understand that I  can change those bad choices, admit my error to whoever it effected and vol-la, make a better choice.

If we make the choices that end us up where we are; then we can make a choice to try and end up in a good place. That’s really good news because by making better choices I can get myself to a better place. I also learned, much to my amazement, that there are a lot of people willing to help me make good choices and if I am not sure which choice is best then I just ask for help. This “asking for help” was always a foreign idea for me, as I always felt I was supposed to know. This feeling has been with me ever since I was a kid. My Mom and Dad were divorced and my Mom worked hard and I just felt I should try to figure things out on my own and that progressed to thinking I should  know everything. Pretty silly when I write it down and see it in black and white. I still find it hard to ask for help, however every time I do it I say to myself, that was easy, but I still struggle.

So there you have it, the secret to life – make good choices and when you are not sure ask someone you trust for help and then make better choices. My wish for all of us is to try this and see how it goes. For me that trusted person is often my wife. She is smarter than I am and makes much better choices about life then I do. God put her in my life because He knew I was struggling and guess what, I make better choices because of her and her counsel.

Here’s to making better choices - hip, hip hurray

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